Open Secret

The future is now
Where are you looking
The fairiesbagheera Camp fields watching you,
think before you speak.

The past is dead,
Nothing but memories
My head is calm
As I see,
The future is now
No where else to be.

Drunk in love
Some stay stoned in guilt
And then there are those
Who live in now
The future holds me

Numb is the place to be
Or is it nothing I want?
My heart speaks.

Often wondering, who am I
Where do we go
Directions are many
I demand, destination unfold.

There are choices to makes
Nothing comes easy
Well, thats what he says
You have always got a price to pay.

Pay me, I will make it effortless
Its a trick, I teach.

Pay me nothing, you will know
The only open secret.

The future is now
The choice is mine
Destination known
Fallow the open secret.


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